10 Best Press Release Examples You Should Know About

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Know About Different Types of Press Release Examples in Detail

Being a business owner, you would always like to solidify your interaction with the media. It is a very important task for businesses and they must need to pay attention towards it. A proper interaction with media allows them to build a professional repute. That is why most of these businesses look towards different press release examples to interact properly with media.

Using press release, a business can let the media know about its latest updates and products introduced in the market. The writing style of press release is quite different from the other documents. It is not written in a conventional manner. Instead, it is crafted using a precised tone and structure.

Today, all the media related companies use press releases to announce their company related updates. It has become a professional document to detail important stuff about the company. Some business also take help from specialized press release services to curate professional looking write-ups.

If you are also looking to know how to write a press release that can attract media attention, below given examples would be a perfect explainer to you. Let’s first understand about the basics of writing a press release and why they are important for the businesses.

What is a Press Release?


Before writing a press release, it is important for you to understand its format and usage. Press releases are generally written to describe any latest development or updates about the company. You can also understand it as a copywriting example that it purely intended for press. It provides to the point information about any company, allowing businesses to keep the market updated.

Generally, press releases are short due to writing exact updates of certain events. For instance, if a company has joined hands with any other organization, a press release can be written to detail its information. This write-up will include important stuff about this corporate development. It will define the key points of this collaboration and how it will bring growth for both companies.

Similarly, you can write press releases for different types of business related updates. It will provide a simplified form of information meant to educate audience about that event. This also shows the professional approach of a company and its way of communicating in the market.

How to Write a Press Release?

Many people often ask how to become a copywriter with a press release writing skill. As a writer, you would find press release writing a bit different from others. That is because it requires complete professional tone that can showcase a unified brand voice.

Here are some important points that you need to remember while writing a press release for any company.

Catchy Headline

First up, you need to make sure that your headlines are catchy. This requires you to completely research the market and know what headlines other writers are using. Always remember that these headings provide a first glimpse into your press release. That is the main reason why you need to write them smartly.


Next, you need to add the location of the source of news. As an organization, this is a must thing and should not be forgotten at any point. This also defines that an update is coming from an organization that is highly reputed in the market.

Lead Story

Now, you have to define the lead story in a one-liner sentence. This is an important part as it requires strong words and professional content tone. It will define your overall event in one line, perfectly in a compact manner.


This is the part where all of your event information will be added. You will need to write this body part with exact updates and facts. It should not be like a blog and should always contain important points highlighted.

Best Press Release Examples to Learn From

press release examples

It is always advised to learn the art of writing by looking at precised examples. Same goes in the case of press release writing. If you don’t have much idea about its content structure, try to learn from different press release examples given on the web.

These sources are pretty good in terms of letting you know about its tone and style. It allows you to know how to write a press release with a perfect brand voice. Here are some of the best press release examples that will help you to learn its perfect style of writing.

Hobby Lobby

Hobby Lobby is a famous retail store located in Oklahoma City. It has recently announced last year that the company is taking a huge stride in increasing the wages of employees. This news flown like a breath of fresh air among the workers and all of them appreciated this effort. According to this press release, Hobby Lobby has increase the minimum wage to $17 per hour for every worker.

This particular news came at the time when the state was debating on the issue of minimum wages. It allowed the company to get market attention, showing how the owners also care for the daily workers.


Heinz is quite a renowned food chain company, having its branches in multiple US cities. Recently, the company again came into the headlines due to its catchy take on a press release. It stated that the company is looking for a first-ever “Head Burger Artist” who can examine the taste the its burgers.

Yes, it does like very unique, as well as funny. But, all of it was written for a purpose i.e. catching attention. This worked pretty well for them and Heinz’s marketing campaign earned a lot of profit. It shows why using a catchy tagline in a press release can be beneficial for any company, in all types of industries.

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Zoom Press Release Examples

We all know how popular Zoom has become in the online world. It is the topmost online videoconferencing software that allows multiple participants to connect with one another.

Recently, Zoom came into the headlines due to its failing cybersecurity measures. Many people complained that the security protocol of Zoom are becoming weak.

Addressing to these claims, Zoom solidified its security measures and announced this development through a strong press release. It highlighted the latest protocols Zoom has applied into its online videos allowing people to feel more secure. 

For starters, who are looking to know how to write a press release for tech updates, take a look at this Zoom PR write-up. It is to the point and detailed, explain all the important updates.

DonateLife America

DonateLife America is a top charity organization in United States. Over the years, it has worked tirelessly to work for the wellbeing of poor people. Recently, it came up with a press release written exclusively for the journalists. This write-up explained how DonateLife America is contributing on different social issues. It gave journalists a good idea about the recent approach of the organization and how they should market it.


Happsy is quickly becoming a renowned mattress manufacturing company in the US. It has just launched its products in the market, but is quickly gaining attraction from the customers. The company precisely used a stunning press release to announce its arrival in the market. They took note from some of the related press release examples to write this one.

It included a strong introduction of the company, as well as its aim to provide sleeping perfection to everyone. This worked pretty well as it gave them a good recognition in the market.

Tesla Press Release Examples

We all know how quick Tesla is gaining dominance in the global automobile world. The vision of Elon Musk precisely makes Tesla one of its kind company in the market. Besides the spectacular cars, their branding materials also works well in getting a quick recognition in the market.

All the press releases of Tesla always turn heads of the news outlets. Their stunning style of writing and explaining things in detail gives them an edge over others. Recently, they came up with a strong press release defusing the false lies of “unintended accelerations” in their cars. It showed a strong brand voice, giving its customers trustable facts about the Tesla cars.  


Gojo is a highly reputed healthcare organization working from last many years. It offers great pharmacy products crafted with quality and perfection. The PR department of the organization is quite well versed in writing press releases that quickly explains the who, what and why of the news story.

Recently, they announced the donation of 65000 bottles of hand sanitizers to the local hospitals through the press release. It explained why the organization is donating such big amount of hand sanitizers to the hospitals during the current pandemic. This gave them a lot of praise from the people and a boost of reputation in the market.

eBay Press Release Examples for New Hire

eBay is one of the top ecommerce giants in the world. It has got footprint in almost every region, making it a premier online store to buy different kinds of stuff. Besides great products stock, the company also believes in the pillars of strong branding. That is why they always utilize press releases to keep the users updated about the latest happenings in the company.

When eBay hired Jamie Iannone back in 2020, it brought out a great press release detailing about his excellence in the field. This gave users a great idea how eBay recruits people according to their past performances. It also showcased how eBay want to promote its top performers in the market, so that their overall company branding can become better.

Atlas Oil

Sometimes, it is also important to cheer up for your company’s success in the market. This should not only be done by running social media posts. But, should also be marketed through professional means of writing a press release.

Atlas Oil did the same when it was awarded “Top Workplace” by Detroit Free Press. The press release mentioned how employee feedback helped them to get this award and stand apart from others. This demonstrated why Atlas Oil is a top choice of people, beating out all others in Detroit.

Story Land’s Press Release Example for Event

Story Land is a popular amusement park in New Hamsphire, known because of its fascinating rides. When the park announced its reopening through press release few days back, it quickly got everyone’s attention. The tone of the release was very exciting, giving everyone a great thrill to come back to the park with their children.

Final Words

That concludes our whole blog in which we have discussed about the basics and importance of writing a press release. It is a great style of writing a news that can let the audience know about the latest company updates. The blog has also listed different types of press release examples with which you can learn its art of writing. This will give you a great advantage to write great press releases describing the high points and updates of any company.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Why is a press release written?
Press releases are written to state any specific update or development about the company. It can be understood as a document for the media that describes important key points of any recent developments.
2. Why writing a press release is important?
Using a press release, you can describe the latest updates about your company. This document is not written for social media or marketing purposes. In fact, it is written purely to illustrate any important development in the business.
3. How do I write a press release?
Writing a press release is not a straight forward process. It is not a conventional writing, which is why it requires special tone and structure. You can look at different press release examples given on the web to know about its standard outline.
4. Describe how many types of press releases are used by the companies?
Many companies use different types of press releases according to situation requirements. This includes launch release, product release, general news, even press release and more others.
5. What are the features of a press release?
The outline of press release is divided into multiple sections. Starting from headline and summary, you need to write body content and conclusion properly to make a powerful press release.
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