Bad Writing Examples: What Should Be Avoided in Writing

econtentsol Published: April 15, 2022 12 min read

Take a Look at the Examples of Bad Writing in Articles & Other Content Materials

Writing could prove to be a cumbersome job for many individuals. It mostly happens with those people who are new to this field. They often commit mistakes while creating articles, press releases and other forms of content. Their negligence towards the quality work proves to be a very costly thing. It not only makes their articles less interesting, but also subdues all of their efforts. They can certainly avoid this scenario by looking into different bad writing examples. The short but important writing mistakes defined in them can not only save their efforts, but can also make their articles more engaging to read.

As a budding writer, you could learn a lot by looking into different types of bad writing examples. It could help you in a variety of ways, allowing you to become aware of the common writing pitfalls. This will let you know what type of things should be avoided in writing no matter what the requirements are given. It will enable you to offer quality article writing services precisely according to the demands of your clients.

In this article, we will discuss some of the common points that could force errors in your writing. You can certainly avoid them by following the tips given below. Let’s first understand why detecting these problems in the content is important, specifically when it is written for any commercial purpose.

Why Finding Mistakes in the Content is Important?

Content mistakes)

In the modern hostile marketing environment, no business can afford to have mistakes in its official brand content. From flyers to websites, they would never allow any branding material to get launched in the market with a faulty content. The reason is that these materials carry their stakes as well as marketing reputation in the industry. Any mistake in their content can damage all of that, taking the whole repute of the company down to the ground.

This fear of losing customers through an unprofessional representation is another factor why companies always want to solidify their content game. They know that any mistake in the grammar or typos can put up a very bad image of the company. It will allow the people to doubt on the legitimacy of the business, which will eventually pave a way for the competitors to get lead.

It is therefore quite important for the companies to wisely check and monitor their content regularly. Whether it is in a print or digital form, they must need to look at the quality of their words. It allows them to find crucial errors in them that could affect the integrity of the brand. If these mistakes would go unnoticed, then it will definitely cause huge problems for them, specifically on the forefront of their marketing endeavors.

Bad Writing Examples to Learn From

Every writer must need to know about those things that can affect the quality of their content. It is quite important for them if they want to make their careers successful in writing. Unfortunately, a lot of budding writers do not know about this fact. They keep on repeating the same mistakes at the start of their writing career without knowing the repercussions. It eventually hits them hard at the end when they become disappointed and hopeless with the continuous failure of their work.

If you don’t want to count yourself among them, follow the below given tips while writing any type of content. It will help to make your articles, blogs, press releases, etc. more engaging, enabling the people to show more interest in them.

Avoid Speech Patterns 

Speech pattern mistake

It is commonly seen that many writers want to follow the pattern of a valedictorian speech while writing even a simple form of content. This practice is totally wrong, because the format of speech is quite different as compared to the article or blog writing. In speech, you mostly try to address the audience using the first person tone. But, in articles or press releases, this straight forward address is simply not required. The content tone of blogs requires to be much crispier, as it helps to make the overall theme very catchy to read.

Meanwhile, speeches could also become casual sometimes depending on the nature of the event. This doesn’t mean that the same practice could also be used in the article writing. As defined above, the tone of the blogs should be crisp enough to make the readers stay hooked on them. Any usage of unnecessary casual tone can derail the interest of the people. This will force them to quickly bounce out from the article without wasting much time in reading anything.  

False Grammar and Syntax Mistakes

Adding a bit of fun side, those writers that are still struggling with their grammar issues are kindly asked to halt their writing activities for a little while. The reason is that no company will hire them to write anything unless they will fully overcome their grammar issues. It is basically the core part of writing that couldn’t be neglected by anyone in the industry. If you will commit any grammatical mistake in the content, you won’t be hired by any organization.

Similarly, wrong syntax and content structuring is another problem that often keeps the writers at bay. Most of them do not understand about it at the start of their careers. They slowly tend to know about it when the experience gradually starts to grow. It defines how to start and break sentences to make the content easier to read. This helps to remove fluff writing, allowing people to read and understand the core concept quickly.

Unnecessary Clauses

False clauses

It is also commonly noted that some writers try to include unnecessary clauses in the content. They do this just to increase the length of the content, so that it could offer a strong impression. Well, this is also a very bad practice that makes everything very irritating to read. These type of articles are not generally read by the people because of the non-necessary content addition.

Nowadays, people have also become smart knowing all the tactics of writers to engage them by faulty procedures. They know that these unnecessary clauses are just used to make the content look lengthy to the eye. This type of practice just promotes a bad impression about the writer or company that has published the blog. Once it gets into the minds of the people, they usually prefer to stay away from the blog and all of its associated materials on social media. This eventually creates trouble for the company, leaving their content marketing and web engagement in a dire state. 

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Long Sentences and Paragraphs

Just like adding the unnecessary clauses, some writers also intentionally use long sentences and paragraphs in the article. The primary reason for this action is also the same. It not only makes the content look long, but also gives it a more complexed structure. These type of boilerplate examples and articles are again less interesting for the readers, as they do not find anything engaging in them.

The readers basically do not want to get stuck in any unending sentence or a paragraph. Today, people do not want to read long passages explaining the same stuff again and again. They rather want to read simplified content that can answer their queries in a short concise manner. It helps them to understand the given points easily, provided they are not too complicated as well.

Hard Vocabulary

Hard words

Hard and technical vocab words are also chosen by many writers while creating blogs, whitepapers and more others. They think that adding these kinds of words will make their articles more professional. It is basically a misconception that often creates confusion in the minds of writers. By doing this, they not only make the readability of their content difficult, but also limits the number of users to show interest in them.

It is an obvious fact that when users will not find ease in reading something, then they will eventually lose them interest from it. They will rather go to any other article that has described the topic in a much friendly manner. It will be easier for them to get along with them, provided they have also used the correct context.  

Useless Impression

Some writers also write unaccounted or false stuff just to impress the readers. This type of writing is usually called clickbait, as it is only aimed to attract the people by defining untrue things. Unfortunately, many writers use these tactics whenever they do not find anything concrete to write. They try to make satisfactory content, precisely at the expense of using wrong context.

This practice is certainly very dangerous and shouldn’t be opted by any person. It will not only mislead the audience, but will also leave a bad impression of spreading fake things in the market. This type of plastic writing style should be avoided, as it doesn’t offer anything good to the readers.

Incomplete Stories

Many times, writers also leave stories halfway in the article. It means that they do not define the things completely, making the whole message void for the readers. This type of writing leaves a very bad impression on the people. It makes them frustrated after giving a very narrow or thin explanation about any event. These incomplete stories are therefore very annoying for the readers, especially the ones that are looking to gain some valuable insights.

To avoid making your content vague for the readers, always try to define the points with complete explanation. This will make your content more engaging for the readers. They can understand your message precisely, provided it also looks relevant to their cause.  

Final Words

That concludes our entire article in which we have discussed different types of bad writing examples. As a writer, it is very important for you to know what type of points should not be used in an article. These little mistakes can make your whole content invaluable and less interesting for the readers. The best way to avoid them is by looking into the tips that are given above. This will help you to come up with a perfect article that will get everyone’s attention at the first glance.

If you are looking for an agency that has got proven experience in writing error-free articles, contact us today. Our experts will craft quality content for your brand, rightly as per the branding requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is meant by bad writing?
A bad writing refers to a technique that makes your content quality look senseless. It poses a very bad impression about your content in the minds of readers, so bad that most of them often just prefer to stay away from your site.
What are the causes of bad writing?
When a writer is totally inexperienced, he/she is itself considered the main cause of bad writing. These type of writers often lack the basic knowledge, which eventually affects the overall quality of their content.
How to avoid bad writing?
To avoid bad writing, you need to follow some important tips. This includes complete analysis of the market, avoiding grammatical mistakes, lesser usage of hard vocabulary and more others.
What is a poorly written text?
If a reader is unable to understand what is written in the content, it basically demonstrates a perfect example of bad writing. Moreover, if the context of the content is also complicated, then it also refers to a bad writing example.
What can we learn by looking at bad writing examples?
We can learn plenty of things by looking at bad writing examples. It will let us know about those things that should be avoided while writing any type of content. These bad writing examples are certainly important for beginners, especially for those that are related to web copywriting.
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