How to Write a Teacher Cover Letter in 5 Steps: Examples & Tips

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Engage Employers Attention by Writing Impactful Teacher Cover Letters

If you are applying for a high school teaching job, you must need to prepare a few documents perfectly such as a teacher cover letter. It is a very important document that lets the employer know about your background. Mostly, it is submitted with the resume to give the employer a quick introduction of yourself.

It is the major reason why cover letters are termed as important as CVs. They are required by those organizations that focus on hiring through proper documentation. These cover letters provide basic information about the candidates. It lets the employer know about their capabilities and background. 

If you want to know how to write a cover letter for a teaching job, this blog will be a perfect explainer for you. We will define some tips in this article that will help you to craft a unique cover letter easily. Let’s take a look at them below.

How to Write a Teacher Cover Letter with No Experience?

It is quite important to know how to structure a teacher cover letter. Here’s how it can be done easily keeping in mind a few points.  


First, you need to briefly define yourself at the beginning of the cover letter. This should be ideally done in the first paragraph or in the starting 50 words. The introduction will be short and to the point. It will let the employer know about your basics and educational background. 

If you are not good at writing a short bio, you can take help from various cover letter writing services available on the web. Similarly, you can also see different cover letter samples on the web to learn more about it.

Greet the Hiring Manager

It is specifically advised to greet the hiring manager with personalized lines. This will allow the employer to take interest in your profile. You can grab his/her attention here by stating some good thoughts about the company and its reputation.

List Skills and Expertise 

Now, you need to mention all the skills and expertise in the next section. These capabilities will allow the recruiter to take interest in your profile. You need to make sure to define all your skills smartly, as it can lead you to get shortlisted for the job.

If you are creating a teacher cover letter with no experience, make sure to highlight your key skills properly. Your capabilities are indeed the only thing that will make any employer interested.

Explain Why You Need This Job

Next, you need to mention why you want to work in this company. Here, you can add some points about the good reputation of the company. This will also explain your aspiration and desire to join the company at relevant designation.

End the Cover Letter with Call to Action

Now you need to close the cover letter for the teaching job with an engaging call to action message. This will prompt the employer to take the next step towards your hiring. Though, this message will be short but it will encourage the employer to look again at your letter.

Top Skills for First Grade Teacher Cover Letter

To get shortlisted, you need to mention specific skills in your teacher cover letter. Let’s take a look at some points you need to mention in a teacher cover letter. 


Being a teacher, you must need to demonstrate strong leadership skills in your cover letter. It is not only needed for the document, but also for the actual profession as well. 

People that are good with these skills can get more attention from the employers. Generally, leadership is seen as an instinctive trait of a teacher. If you think you are good enough in its demonstration, you will certainly get shortlisted by the manager. 


If you want to become a good teacher, you must need to have solid communication skills. We all know very well that this profession requires you to be communicative. It is one of the basics of any teacher and must be mentioned strongly in a cover letter.

Therefore, always remember to highlight it with impactful words. You can demonstrate the communication skills in the letter itself, so that the manager can get an idea about your profile.


Next, you need to showcase your organizational skills in the letter. This is also seen as a basic attribute of teachers and must be highlighted in the document. It will mention your organization capabilities and how you can use them to manage workloads. 

These skills will increase your chances of hiring and getting called instantly by the hiring manager. Therefore, try to mention them properly to get an edge in the hiring process.

Cover Letter Format and Design

It is also important to know about the right formatting style of a cover letter. Here are some tips that will help you to finalize your teacher cover letter template.


First, you must need to look at the spacing in your cover letter document. You need to ensure that your paragraphs are written with right spacing, offering a clean representation.

Those documents that are created in a bit of a messy style, often lose attention. Therefore, always remember to make your cover letters neat by focusing on the spacing between the paragraphs and lines.

Font style and sizes

Next, you need to also ensure that your cover letter is using the right font style. It is very important because it can make your document writing style neat. 

Generally, people prefer to use ‘Calibri’ and ‘Times New Roman’ font in their documents. But depending on the personal requirements, you can choose any desired font that suits best for your letter. 


Lastly, do not forget to proofread your document. It is a necessary thing because all of us usually make typo mistakes sometimes. You can either proofread the document yourself, or could take assistance from the automated web tools such as Grammarly and more others.

Cover Letter

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Top Teacher Cover Letter Examples

A teacher cover letter can be created differently depending upon the defined position. Here are some of the common teacher cover letter examples you should know about.

New Teacher Cover Letter with No Experience 

This is a very basic cover letter type used by the fresh teachers. It does not include any type of experience or past work history. However, it will demonstrate your educational background and skills in detail. 

This will allow the hiring manager to know initially about your profile. So, make sure to write this cover letter strongly as it can certainly lead you towards the job. 

High School Teacher Cover Letter

This type of cover letter requires to be perfect and visually appealing. It covers all the aspects of your teaching including skills, background and more others. Generally, high schools usually prefer these types of cover letters for the hiring process. It is created with a standard theme focusing on all the core points of a teaching job.

Elementary Teacher Cover Letter

If you are applying for a teaching job in an elementary school, you need to prepare a specialized cover letter. This type of letter briefly states about your prior experience. Meanwhile, you can use some sort of figures in this letter to define your objective perfectly. 

Just  keep in mind to properly discuss your background in this letter. It will help the employers to know about you and capabilities of your profile.

Cover Letter for Librarian

As the name suggests, this cover letter will be used for a specific librarian job. Every school hires a dedicated librarian to help the students get their favorite books. 

To create a library teacher cover letter for job, you must need to showcase organizational skills. Keep in mind to format this letter by beginning with salutation as it is a standard format of this letter.

Cover Letter for Art Teacher

Being an art teacher, you need to create a cover letter that can perfectly define your creative capabilities. You must need to mention some earlier experiences in this letter. This is necessary because employers usually look towards your proven work. 

You need to also mention some art certificates in this letter as well. Though this would be a one-liner, but it creates a great professional impact for your profile.

Middle School Teacher Cover Letter

This type of cover letter is precisely made for the middle school teaching jobs. You can list down some certificates in this letter to showcase your proven skills. Meanwhile, try to properly discuss the teaching skills that are required by the relevant middle school administration.

This cover letter is precise and can be used to define your intermediate teaching profile. Just keep in mind to finalize the formatting of this letter properly as defined by the manager. 

School Counselor Cover Letter

Nowadays, many schools are hiring specialized counselors to assist students in different fields. If you are also applying for a counselor position, you need to build a cover letter smartly. This type of letter emphasizes on your academic achievements, specifically in psychology. 

Furthermore, it also talks about your personal characteristics. This gives employers an idea why you fit perfect for this job. Keep in mind to mention your communication skills strongly, as it increases your chances of hiring.

Sample Cover Letter for a Teacher

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Final Words

It is quite important to write a teacher cover letter with the required details. This document offers a quick look at your profile and is termed highly important by the employers. That is the major reason why you need to prepare it smartly considering all the important points.

The above blog would have given you a perfect view on how to write a teacher cover letter properly. It has also defined different examples that are used by the people for various hiring positions. Using these tips, you can increase your profile value and can add impetus to the hiring process. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What points should you include in a cover letter for a teacher?
A cover letter for a teacher should include background, skills and experience. These factors provide you an increased chance to impress any employer at a first glance.
2. How to start a cover letter?
To start a cover letter, you should introduce yourself properly. After that, you need to greet the hiring manager with catchy lines. Both of these factors make your cover letter attention grabbing, just what you want.
3. What are the different teacher cover letter examples?
Based on the teaching position, you can find different types of cover letter examples. Some of the common among them includes high school teacher cover letter, elementary teacher cover letter and more others.
4. Why do you need a cover letter?
Cover letters offer a summarized form of your profile to the employers. It is mostly submitted along with a resume, giving employers a quick look at your profile.
5. How to structure a cover letter for a teacher?
To make your cover letter professional, you need to structure it properly. First, you need to provide a catchy introduction of yourself in the beginning. Then, you need to move towards the next section where you will define the skills and experience perfectly.
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