Short Cover Letter Examples and Tips to Help Job Seekers in 2023

econtentsol Published: February 3, 2023 14 min read

Free Short Cover Letter Examples for Fresh Graduates & Students

Following short cover letter examples can help you compose a comprehensive cover letter. A general cover letter contains around 300 to 550 words. But keeping it shorter can still help you make an impact on the employers.

It doesn’t matter which job you’re looking for. It’s essential to know how to write a cover letter perfectly. If you’re planning to keep your cover letter one or more pages long, it might not work in your favour.

Most hiring managers and employers don’t have enough time to read information-stuffed documents. You might be wondering how to compose an appropriate cover letter?

We’ve got you covered!

This post covers examples, tips, and valuable information that help you in compiling an awesome cover letter.

What is a Cover Letter?

It’s a one-page document that you submit as a part of a job application with a CV or resume. Attaching a cover letter to your application is essential because it introduces you and summarizes your professional background.

You need to provide relevant information, but it shouldn’t be lengthy. It needs to be convincing enough to spark a hiring manager’s interest. 

While writing a cover letter, don’t forget that it serves as a supplement to your resume. It isn’t a replacement for your resume. Therefore, avoid repeating whatever you’ve mentioned in your resume or cv. 

If you have any confusion, you can always take assistance from various cover letter writing services available on the internet. These websites will help you to compile a professional cover letter to attach with your resume. 

Are Cover Letters Important?

Cover letters showcase professionalism and personality. This factor makes them essential. Therefore, if there’s a requirement, you should attach a well-written cover letter with your job application.

It needs to be targeted to the job offer you’re seeking. That’s why you shouldn’t send a generic letter as it could portray some bad writing examples. The best way to make your cover letter effective is to edit it according to the position’s requirements.

Ensure that your cover letter is clear and concise. Following short cover letter examples can help you write a precise letter.

You can try making persuasive connections between your work experience and the skills mentioned in the job description.

Moreover, your cover letter is one of the first things a hiring manager will see. Impressing an employer can be a bit tricky. But you can opt for cover letter writing services to get a professional cover letter.

Because you need to use it to grab the potential employer’s attention and encourage them to review your resume further.

Benefits of Learning from Short Cover Letter Examples

There’s no denying that submitting a cover letter is a great way to introduce yourself before speaking in person with an employer.

If you’re applying to different positions, it’s best to use a cover letter showcasing your skills and expertise.

A well-crafted and concise cover letter is undoubtedly an opportunity that helps you stand out in the pool of other candidates. If you’re struggling to compile one, consider short cover letter examples.

On the other hand, writing a short cover letter can be beneficial for different reasons.

It Grabs Attention

Do you want to grab the recruiter’s attention instantly? If so, try attaching an exceptional cover letter to your resume or CV.

But ensure to incorporate essential information with power words, highlighting your qualifications and achievements to appear as potential candidates.

Follow Short Cover Letter Examples to Save Time

Hiring managers or recruiters receive plenty of resumes and cover letters, even for one position. Reading long-form cover letters of multiple candidates isn’t a possibility for employers. 

Therefore, writing a short cover letter is a smart way to stand out in the high volume of applications and save employers’ time. 

It Distinguishes You

Compiling a short cover letter featuring necessary information is an art of brevity. When you ace it, you encourage employers to prioritize your cover letter over the detailed ones. 

Tips to Write Short Cover Letters with No Experience

A good cover letter makes the right first impression. And every job seeker wants to impress a potential employer. If you’re the one, these tips may help you.

Go for the Right Template

As mentioned, a good cover letter is the one that leaves the right first impression. Therefore, you need to begin with a well-formatted visual template. 

Look at Short Cover Letter Sample for Freshers to Write a Header

Best short cover letter examples feature a contact information section. It contains essential information, such as:

  • Full name
  • Phone number
  • Email
  • Date
  • Hiring manager name
  • Professional title
  • Company name

Greeting Hiring Manager

After listing contact information, you need to work on other important factors, such as greeting the hiring manager

To ace this part, you need to avoid common phrases such as “Dear Sir” or “Dear Madam” instead address the hiring manager by name. 

Because you want to appear as a motivated individual who has researched the company and knows who he’s writing to. 

Write an Impressive Introduction

First impressions are significant, especially in a job search since recruiters get hundreds and thousands of cover letters and resumes every day. 

Hence, avoid providing generic information and discuss your top achievements to catch the employer’s attention.

Avoid Overusing Opening Lines

You need to focus on the opening lines and avoid using generic introductory lines. For example, don’t open your cover letter with “With due respect, I’m writing…”

If you look at short cover letter examples, you will observe creative opening lines that may help you get noticed by potential recruiters. 

Explain your Expertise

At this point, you’re supposed to discuss your professional skills and convince the hiring manager that you’re perfect for the position.

Focus on the essential requirements given in the job description and ensure that your skills and expertise align with the job’s requirements. 

Don’t Mention Work History

Words such as “detailed oriented” or “self-starter” might sound good to you, but buzzwords don’t grab the recruiter’s attention.

Therefore, instead of describing yourself as “self-motivated,” you need to give an example that showcases your quality. 

Avoid Mentioning Past Jobs

There’s no need to mention every job role you’ve taken over the years. To keep your cover letter short and concise, discuss the relevant work experience. 

You can also follow short cover letter examples to see how they write a relevant letter without mentioning past jobs. 

You need to read the job description to find which skills the company is seeking and highlight them in your short cover letter. 

Save Details for the Interview

You can provide information about your work history and education on your resume. Therefore, your cover letter doesn’t need to cover them. 

When it comes to adding career achievements, you can use bullet points or bite-sized statements to provide some context. 

Stick to a Fewer Points

You need to stick to two or three points that help communicate your interest in the job position. You can also talk about the abilities that make you a perfect fit for the company.

This way, you can keep your letter nice, short and informative. In the case of confusion, follow short cover letter examples. 

Analyze Short Cover Letter Examples to Avoid Writing Long Phrases

It’s wise to use snappy or short words instead of long phrases. When you finish writing a short cover letter, reread it and replace longer phrases with single or fewer words. 

For example, if you’ve written “I’m capable of,” replace it with “I can” to avoid wordiness in your cover letter. 

Focus on Incorporating Links

Instead of providing exhaustive details about the project you did, you can try adding a link. It is a smart way to provide important information without taking space on the cover letter. 

For example, if you’ve done a website project, you can link to the website instead of explaining features and other factors. 

Incorporate a Call to Action

After putting efforts into the introduction and body parts, now it’s time to wrap your cover letter with a professional conclusion.

Great short cover letter examples include the last paragraph where you talk about whatever would help the hiring manager decide. You need to thank the recruiter and close your cover letter with a call to action.

Cover Letter

Grab employer’s attention with a professionally written cover letter!

Land Your Dream Job

Sample Cover Letter for Job Application

You can stand out by attaching a short and simple cover letter to your application. When starting your job cover letter, try to address the hiring manager personally.

As mentioned above, you need to mention the company name, position, and skills. Writing a short cover letter doesn’t mean providing incomplete information.


This simple cover letter sample makes the best cover letter example. It addresses the recruiter in the right way. If you observe, the candidate has provided relevant information without taking too much space on the document.

Short Cover Letter Examples with No Experience

Don’t worry if you haven’t got work experience to include in the cover letter. You can still appear as a potential candidate by mentioning relevant courses or internships.


In the example, the candidate discussed his course and reference. If you’ve got internship experience, mention it to elevate your chances of selection.

Moreover, you can also discuss what inspires you and showcase that you’re enthusiastic about joining a company and starting your career. 

Short Cover Letter Examples for Customer Service

Talk about meeting and exceeding a customer’s expectations when writing a cover letter for customer service.


It’s always the best idea to discuss your skills and utilize them to achieve targets or objectives. The example also showcases the candidate’s strengths as a trainer.

If you’ve taken steps to build confidence, morale, and team members’ skills to boost sales, don’t hesitate to mention them and make a strong impression. 

Good Cover Letter Examples

A good cover letter includes relevant information that captures the hiring manager’s attention and boosts your chances of getting an interview call. 

For example, if you want to appear as a passionate applicant, you can describe it without overwhelming the employer.


Best Short Cover Letter Examples for Students

On the other hand, candidates often have exceptional skills and work experience. But they fail to summarize information in a cover letter.

The above teacher cover letter is ideal for those applicants who want to incorporate essential details about their work history clearly.

Moreover, cover letters allow you to demonstrate your interpersonal skills to impress employers or recruiters.


The applicant didn’t hesitate to describe herself as experienced and professional. You can also provide information on what makes a potential candidate by highlighting your achievements. 

From attendance to increased sales, the applicant discussed everything that boosts her chances of selection without overwhelming the employer.

No doubt, summarizing your hard and soft skills in a few words can be challenging. If you ever find yourself in such a situation, try referring to the following example.


Free Short Cover Letter Examples for Administration

The cover letter is brief, but it features essential information such as the state has recognized their sympathetic qualities and performance.

If you’ve been associated with a similar role, this example will tell you how to incorporate your skills and qualities in fewer words.

Similarly, if you’re writing a cover letter for a chef position, talk about your passion, cooking craft, and managing kitchen staff.


You can see how the applicant discussed his expertise, coursework, and experience without overwhelming the recruiter.

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Final Word

Focusing on short cover letter examples will help you compose a cover letter without using jargon and weak adverbs. These jargons and adverbs can make your cover letter needlessly long. 

You need to look for passive voice, long phrases, and wordy sentences. It is quite crucial to find and remove them to make your content precise and relevant. 

A short cover letter with the proper format can convey your professional image to future employers or recruiters. And you’re likely to elevate your chances of selection. 

You can follow the tips and examples mentioned in the blog to compose a short and simple cover letter. But if you’re still struggling, our professional writers are here to assist you!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What do you write in a short cover letter?
A short cover letter includes the hiring manager’s name, introductory paragraph, essential skills and factors that make you the perfect fit for the job, your passion, and a call to action in a formal closing paragraph. You need to provide this information in separate sections.
2. How do I write a simple cover letter?
In a simple cover letter, you need to start with a greeting, an opening paragraph, following a middle paragraph. You need to finish it in a closing paragraph. Keep your cover letter relevant, mention skills and expertise to stand out. 
3. What is a good cover letter?
A cover letter needs to be well written, showcasing your professionalism and personality. More importantly, it needs to target the position you are applying for. Ensure to edit it according to the job description and avoid sending a generic cover letter. 
4. How short is a short cover letter?
A short cover letter needs to be one-page long. You can divide it into three to four paragraphs. And can write about how you have found the job. You can also include essential information in an attention-grabbing and professional way.
5. How do you end a cover letter?
In the last paragraph, you offer thanks for their consideration. You can also use a professional closing salutation. For example, it can be “sincerely,” “best regards,” or “thank you for your consideration.” More importantly, you need to avoid overly familiar phrases such as “take care” or “yours.”
6. What do employers look for in a cover letter?
Employers want to see your skills and work experience. Hence, it’s best to highlight your skills and experience relevant to the job requirement. You can also show some genuine excitement and enthusiasm for the role. You also need to tell why you’re the best fit for the role.