How to Make an Acting Resume: Tips & Examples for Beginners

econtentsol Published: February 18, 2023 10 min read

Learn How to Write a Great Acting Resume in Minutes

Acting is quite a lucrative field and many young individuals want to make their careers in it. Over the years, the entertainment industry has grown dramatically all over the world. This has opened up numerous opportunities for budding individuals to start their careers in it. That is why many youngsters often ask how to build an acting resume to present their profile in the industry.

To become an actor, you must need to know how to write a resume showcasing your relevant skills. Most of them usually go for the auditions after looking briefly into an acting resume. It is basically a document that tells about your background in acting. This is the major reason why everyone wants to create a stunning resume to get hired by the media houses.

If you are also looking to build a unique resume for the next drama role, we’ve got you covered. This blog will detail all the tips and examples you need to write a spectacular acting resume. Let’s take a look at them below.

What is an Actor Resume?

Just like the other professionals, actors also need a resume to showcase their profile to the directors. The format of this resume is very different which is why it looks difficult to create. If you are starting as a fresher in the industry, you will need to include your relevant acting skills and education on a resume.

A lot of times people find it hard to create an acting resume. That is why they consult with professional resume writing services to get the job done. These agencies help them to create a specialized resume to impress directors relating from different backgrounds. 

If you are serious in building your career in the entertainment industry, try to create a resume that can display your performances appropriately. You can take a look at different templates on the internet to know about its format. This will help you to build a document that can attract potential directors.

What to Include in an Acting Resume?

Looking to build a show-stealing acting resume? Here are the important things you must need to include in them. 

1. Add Personal Details

First, you need to describe yourself in the resume. It is the basic part that goes in almost every type of resume. This section basically explains your background and acting traits, precisely in a short manner. 

You can also think of it as a summary defining your basic personal information. Therefore, try to keep this section focused and to-the-point. This will only serve as a starter and short view of your acting profile.

2. Include Contact Information in Acting Resume

Next, you need to include your contact information in the resume. This is an important part and must be written carefully. It requires a special format to list down your contact information. This shows a professional format of your CV and complete details about the contact. 

You can add your personal cell number, email address and social media profiles in this section. If you have been working with a specific agent, do list his contact details as well. It would be a good idea to include everything in this section that is your point of contact.

3. Mention About Your Physical Characteristics

Now, you need to mention your physical characteristics in the resume. These are your general characteristics such as height, complexion, hair colors and other stuff. These things matter a lot in this profession and directors usually emphasize them for particular roles. 

A lot of times, people are called for auditions based on their physical characteristics. Many directors go for the looks of a candidate before knowing about the skills. So, it is important to list your physical characteristics perfectly to gain directors’ attention.

4. Write Down Your Objective Summary

Now, you need to write down a strong statement about your objectives and future plans. This section will define how you want to shape your career and progress further in it. You can define your goals and plans relating with your field in this section.

Besides this, you can also highlight the roles here that you have done recently or in the past. This will give directors a good view about your capabilities as an actor. Meanwhile, try to keep this section small and focused so that the hiring manager can get your point easily. 

5. Add Acting Credits 

Moving up, add your acting roles in reverse chronological order in the resume. This is the most important part of your acting resume as it defines your past performances. A director or producer will briefly look into this section to know about the roles you’ve recently played.

This section will give them a nice idea whether you will fit for the relevant serial/show or not. Your past performances should be good enough to be displayed in this section. If you have done theatres, try to mention all your roles briefly here. Define the challenges that you have faced during those roles and how you overcome them.

These credits will provide a perfect view about your acting personality. And if you have done different types of roles, this section will also showcase your acting versatility. 

6. Include Your Education in the Acting Resume

Next, mention your educational background in the resume. This includes the part of training from different acting schools and mentioning the certifications on resume will boost your profile in front of the casting directors. Nowadays, you can find a range of acting institutes in your city. These institutes offer acting courses and certificates for the wanna-be actors. 

If you have taken any acting classes from one of these schools, mention them properly in the resume. Many directors also analyze this section to know about the education of the candidate. 

7. Mention Your Unique Skills

Now, try to impress the directors with your unique skills. You can mention some particular things that make your acting exceptional from others. It could be any specific role or scene that suits best with your personality. Many times, these skills help you to differentiate from others in the line. 

It is also a good idea to mention those skills along with few performance references. This will enhance the credibility of your skills and will help to impress the directors.  

8. Attach Headshot with Your Acting Resume

Coming to the end, attach your headshot with the resume. This is necessary because it will showcase your face to the casting director. You need to hire a professional photographer to take a perfect snap of your face. It is something that will impress the director, if taken smartly. 

Sometimes, people forget to attach their pictures along with the resume. As a result, their profile is quickly neglected and thrown in the bin. So, make this chance count and never forget to attach a spectacular looking photo along with your resume. 

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Formatting of Acting Resume

The formatting of an acting resume should be done simply. There is no need to add any extra fancy stuff in these resumes. If you have defined the skills and past performances correctly, your resume will definitely stand out.

You can use simple fonts like Calibri and more to write down everything in the resume. Similarly, keep their size in between 10-12 and avoid writing wordy sentences. Always remember to keep your resumes clean, so that it can look decent to the eye.

Acting Resume Template

Here is a sample acting resume that will let you know how to create a spectacular CV for yourself.

acting resume of kevin andrews

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Final Words

Acting is an art and requires a complete focus to shoot a scene. Some people are naturally gifted with this trait while some go through rigorous hard work to establish themselves. Either way, both of them are required to present themselves perfectly to the casting directors. That is where they need a professional acting resume. 

It is something that describes their whole profile in simple effective words. This blog has listed all the basic stuff you need to write a strong resume. Using these tips and examples, you can build a decent document that can amaze a range of directors. Just make sure to keep your words bold and strong, so that your hard work can be rightly depicted through a professional resume.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How to write a good acting resume for teenagers?
Building a resume for a teenager requires some specifics. If you have no experience in the field, you can mention your college performances in the resume. Meanwhile, also try to mention some certifications that you have completed recently. 
2. How to build an acting resume template for backstage performers?
It doesn’t matter whether you are a backstage performer or a front line hero, you need to build a strong resume for yourself. This document can be prepared by listing down your backstage performance and number of awards you have won recently. 
3. Which is the best acting resume builder?
You can find a range of resume builders available on the web. Specifically, eContentSol is one of the top names where you can get these types of resumes easily.
4. Can I make an acting CV with no experience? 
Yes, you can make an active CV with no experience in the field. This type of resume will include your education, acting courses and other similar stuff. And if you have done any theatre, you can also list it down in the resume easily.
5. How to write a good summary for an acting resume?
Writing a strong summary for your resume can be difficult. You can take help from Google and other search engines to simplify this problem. They allow you to search and find a large range of summary templates according to your requirements. So, head over to Google today and find your desired template easily.
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